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Priyanka Chopra has a word of advice for the media – she would like them to relax a little bit on the whole feud idea. She’d also appreciate if they did a bit more fact checking before publishing a story. Chopra took to Twitter to note that while she and Meghan Markle are still friends, her visit to London had nothing to do with the Duchess, baby Archie, or the alleged feud between the pals.

Meghan Markle
didn’t attend Chopra’s wedding

While Chopra was on hand to wish Harry and Meghan well when they wed in May 2018, Meghan didn’t travel to do the same when Chopra married Nick Jonas in December of the same year. As soon as word slipped that the former Suits actress wasn’t in attendance, rumors swirled that the close pals were fighting.  

Chopra’s nuptials
took place in India, meaning most of their guests had to travel a great
distance to attend. While that type of travel surely doesn’t bother Markle,
doing so while pregnant and still getting used to royal life is unlikely to be
easy. In fact, Markle’s pregnancy is allegedly the reason she didn’t attend the
event, and Chopra is perfectly cool with it.

Priyanka failed
to show at Markle’s baby shower

Rumors of a feud between Meghan and Priyanka intensified when she was unable to show up at the star-studded baby shower friends through for Meghan in New York. Media outlets ran with the story, suggesting that Meghan and Priyanka were on the outs. They even insisted that they wouldn’t be speaking again unless Meghan apologized.

Chopra, however, has been vocal about prioritizing work over other commitments. The India-born actress was hunkered down in Los Angeles trying to get her job done. Apparently, the baby shower coincided with several high-level meetings Chopra had planned for her upcoming book, Unfinished.

It all appears to
be scheduling conflicts

If Chopra wants the media to stop reporting on her friendship with Markle, it’s not because they are making her look bad. In fact, the most recent reports allege that Chopra showed up at Frogmore Cottage to shower baby Archie with expensive gifts in an attempt to squash her imaginary feud with Markle.

The reason behind Chopra failing to meet baby Archie and her inability to attend Markle’s baby shower is a lot more mundane than media reports would have us believe. In fact, the friends are just both too busy to get together recently. That is it; there is no feud, there are just scheduling conflicts.

According to Elle, Chopra was a no show at Meghan’s New York City baby shower because she was bogged down with work. Markle, for her part, was a no-show at Chopra’s 2018 nuptials in India because of her pregnancy. Then four-months along, Meghan and Harry had additional royal commitments to attend to that made heading to India impossible.

While these are great gift ideas… this story is untrue, and I was actually in town for work. I hope whoever this “source” is starts checking their facts more often. https://t.co/S2sDlEiLaZ

— PRIYANKA (@priyankachopra) May 31, 2019

As for this London trip, all is well there, too. Chopra is only in town for work and has been busy with that. She noted on Twitter that she didn’t swing by to hang out with Meghan but appreciated the baby gift idea.

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