Taylor Swift shares diary entry about Kanye West VMA incident – Page Six

August 24, 2019 | 10:10pm

Taylor Swift released her diary entry from the week after Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs.

In a reprint of her diaries — included with a deluxe edition of her new album “Lover,” released Friday — Swift wrote: “If you had told me that one of the biggest stars in music was going to jump up onstage and announce that he thought I shouldn’t have won on live television, I would’ve said ‘That stuff doesn’t really happen in real life..”

“Well… apparently…. It does,” wrote then 19-year-old Swift .

✍🏼 | Journal entry September 18, 2009 from after the VMAs:

“Let’s just say, if you had told me Kanye West would have been the number one focus of my week, the media, and my part in the VMA’s I would’ve looked at you crossed eyed.” pic.twitter.com/mtVrQ2oKfd

— Taylor Swift Updates (@TSUpdatesNYBU) August 23, 2019

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