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Rey’s hand and Luke’s lightsaber in The Rise of Skywalker.

Lucasfilm; screenshot by CNET

In 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Han Solo questions pirate queen Maz Kanata on where she obtained Luke’s lightsaber. Thought to be lost during the events of The Empire Strikes Back, its reappearance, according to Kanata, is “A good question, for another time.”

That time has arrived in the form of periodically released comic book issues. Star Wars #2, the second issue in Marvel Comics’ Star Wars series that arrived online and in print Jan. 29, follows Luke after his battle with Darth Vader in which his soon-to-be-revealed father slices off his hand. Luke’s blue lightsaber tumbles with it somewhere into the pits of Cloud City.

Its next appearance is decades later in Kanata’s castle, when Kanata gives it to Finn to eventually find its way to Rey. But who recovered the lightsaber from Cloud City? And how did Kanata get her hands on it?

In Star Wars #2, Luke experiences a vision in which a hooded figure catches the falling lightsaber in Cloud City. The figure then tells Luke to follow his destiny. Who is this guy? That’s a good question, for another issue of Star Wars — #3 is out Feb. 26 and will hopefully fill in more of the lightsaber’s journey between Empire and The Force Awakens.

As for how Palpatine survived, who Rey’s grandmother is, and how Force ghost Luke grabbed a lightsaber, let’s hope those questions are retrospectively answered via comic book too.

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