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Sony wants you to know that it’s not the “X” button it’s the “Cross” button and you’re wrong – Critical Hit

Clarified in a series of tweets this weekend, Sony called out describing their now iconic face buttons with the wrong name.


I don’t care who you are. I don’t care where you’re from. What you did. The “X” is the “ex” button and not the “cross” button. Since the birth of the PlayStation it has been known as the “ex” button and never will it be any different even if Sony wants to be real sticks in the mud about the whole thing. What started out as a fun, light-hearted debate on Twitter turned into a senseless bloodbath and PlayStation fans the world over had their minds destroyed by the official confirmation that it is indeed called the “Cross” button.

Outrage. Horror. Retweets.


And yet, did we not ask for this? Sony makes an exceptionally valid point that if it is indeed the “ex” button then we should also describe it’s brother as the “O” button, not “Circle”. The other symbols are shapes, not letters. So why, has a collective society have been so wrong for all these years? Has there been some form of group brain-washing that’s led us all astray? Despite the now official canonisation of our global stupidity, I doubt it’ll change much. The “ex” button has become so ingrained in our collective consciousness that to change it now would be impossible. It’s like when the guy who created the .gif format revealed that it was actually pronounced “jif”. Get out with that.

Also, I do want to end this silly piece by saying “As Long As You Love Me” because I realise now, reading it over, I accidentally quoted The Backstreet Boys and I wasn’t letting any of you have the satisfaction.

Last Updated: September 9, 2019

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