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Nick Cannon hosts a new competition series called ‘The Masked Singer’ on Fox and is developing his own late-night show for the network. He also reflects on the success of ‘Wild ‘N Out.’ (Jan. 8)

Spoiler alert! This story contains details from “The Masked Singer” Season 1, Episode 3, including the identity of the eliminated celebrity. 

It’s time to unmask another singer. 

The guessing game continued Wednesday night with five competitors – Lion, Deer, Peacock, Unicorn and Monster – all vying to stay in the “weirdest show on television,” guest judge Joel McHale declared. 

First up was Lion. The fierce competitor belted out Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” and wowed most of the judges with her voice – except Nicole Scherzinger, who didn’t believe the person behind the mask is a professionally trained singer. Her guess? Hailey Baldwin or an actress who can sing. Ken Jeong guessed Emily Blunt, while Jenny McCarthy thought it was Kelly Rowland from “Destiny’s Child.”

Then came Deer. Before taking the stage, the masked competitor revealed he “knows how to throw,” prompting a flurry of athlete guests from the judges. Deer sang Florida Georgia Line’s “Get Your Shine On.” Though clearly not a professional singer, he held his own in the country genre. McCarthy said she could tell he’s older based on his slow movements, while Jeong guessed Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger based on the masked singer’s hatred of ravens. McHale threw out Brett Favre and Scherzinger guessed Terry Bradshaw. 

Peacock took the competition to new heights by opening his performance on a 30-foot-high platform. (Of note: He’s afraid of heights.) The judges said the masked singer must be a showman to pull off his lift entrance. McHale thought it might be Neil Patrick Harris, while Robin Thicke guessed magicians Criss Angel or David Cooperfield. McCarthy believed the Peacock has some roots in Las Vegas based on his natural stage presence, which the Peacock confirmed. She guessed singer Tom Jones.

Unicorn brought magic to the stage, singing Britney Spears’ “Oops! … I Did It Again.” The masked singer said she’s “going for the gold,” prompting the judges to think she is a gymnast, such as Gabby Douglas, Mary Lou Retton or McKayla Maroney. Scherzinger threw out Denise Richards because the Unicorn said she “lost my sheen” and is following “model behavior.” When asked if she is a gymnast, the unicorn replied “in the bedroom,” immediately prompting McHale to say she “definitely knows Charlie Sheen.”

Last up was Monster. The furry, one-eyed creature belted out Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Want To Be,” including an impressive high note that seriously confused the judges. Thicke guessed rapper Nelly (because the Monster said he’s from the South) before switching to former baseball player Derek Jeter.

In the end, Deer was sent packing by just a 2 percent margin in the final fan vote. Thicke selected former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw as his final pick for the masked singer because the contestant “laughs with his shoulder.”

Turns out, Thicke was right! It was Bradshaw, a two-time Superbowl MVP quarterback, behind the mask. 

“This is so stressful, I got to thank y’all for voting me out,” the Fox sports analyst said after his unmasking. “This has been so much fun,” he added, but he said the singing competition was far more difficult than playing football.

Bradshaw joins unmasked singers NFL player Antonio Brown (Hippo) and comedian Tommy Chong (Pineapple). Three down, nine to go.

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