Bam Margera Rips Into Manager After Showing Up at Wrong Time for Comedy Set – TMZ

Bam Margera

Rips Into Manager

‘You F***ing Motherf***er’

3/7/2019 6:23 PM PST


Bam Margera is unloading on his manager in shocking new footage obtained by TMZ … screaming obscenities and threatening violence at a comedy club in New York. 

Folks at the West Side Comedy Club tell TMZ … Bam’s team asked the venue to cancel the 7 PM set, but were still hopeful about the 10 PM gig. But when Bam showed up at 8 PM and the place was empty the former “Jackass” star started ripping his manager a new one.

Ya gotta see the video … Bam is PISSED, and he calls his manager a “f***ing p***y” before threatening to smash his face. 

We’re told Bam appeared intoxicated upon arrival, and even though they tried to explain that the audience wouldn’t start showing up until 9 for a 10 PM show, he was seething.

After beefing with his manager, we’re told Bam stormed out of the venue and flipped off the parking attendants as he climbed into a waiting car. 

As you know … Bam’s been in and out of rehab for alcohol abuse

The comedy club scrapped both of Bam’s sets, which are part of his tour through New York and Connecticut. 

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