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Jenelle Evans

I Love My Kids …

But Not Enough to Drop David

5/29/2019 2:40 PM PDT

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Jenelle Evans is sticking with her man — despite temporarily losing custody of her children — but wants to make one thing clear … she still loves her kids. 

Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, were in court Tuesday when a judge ruled they’d lose their kids for the foreseeable future. Evans just released a statement saying, “I love being a mother and David and I will get through this. We are staying strong and united.” 

It’s an interesting statement considering our sources say David’s actions are the root of the custody issues … and the judge was pissed Jenelle kept the kids around him.

In Jenelle’s statement to The Hollywood Gossip she continues, “I love my kids so much and I will do anything necessary to get them back and that is all I want everyone to understand.”

Evans refused to talk on the specifics of the case for fear of repercussions from the judge. 

As we reported … Eason brutally beat and then shot and killed the family’s dog after it nipped at their 2-year-old daughter, Ensley‘s face. As a result, 9-year-old Jace, 4-year-old Kaiser and Ensley were removed from the home.

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