Jimmy Fallon gets trapped in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Netflix Bandersnatch-ed a new victim, Jimmy Fallon.

The Tonight Show host and his righthand comedy man Steve Higgins delivered a Black Mirror-themed sketch (a #Bandersketch) this week with a choose-your-own-adventure format, just like Netflix’s interactive film Bandersnatch.

Fallon quickly finds out someone else is pulling the strings as he’s forced to eat multiple chicken parmesan sandwiches, perform a nasally Avril Lavigne impression, and shout “I am Jacket Boy!” with a blazer over his head.

Now he, too, becomes controlled by viewers watching something called Netflix in the year 2019.

Hell, apparently, is getting trapped forever in an endless cycle of slapping your friend while you each do impressions of Shaggy and Lavigne.

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