‘Midsommar’ Originally Received an NC-17; Extended Cut on the Way! – Bloody Disgusting

If you’ve joined the Midsommar cult, you’ll be excited to learn that there’s an even longer edit of the film on the way.

Already clocking in at two hours and 27 minutes, director Ari Aster revealed in an ongoing reddit AMA session that he’s “working on an extended cut” of the film that “will be at least 30 mins longer.”

What might we see in the additional footage? While he doesn’t say, he does reveal that Midsommar was initially tagged with a “NC-17” rating by the MPAA that lasted “for six weeks.” It took “lots of back-and-forth” with the MPAA to land the film’s final “R” rating.


As Meagan noted in her article, both Aster’s Hereditary and Midsommar carry a heavy amount of head trauma and close-up gore, not to mention gratuitous frontal nudity and sex – two things the MPAA frown heavily on.

With that said, 30 minutes of footage is an extensive reworking and it makes me wonder if there are entire sequences the MPAA forced him to remove from the film?

Watch for official home video news as soon as A24 and Lionsgate Home Entertainment make an announcement later this summer. Read our official review right here.

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