Stripper Who Fell Off 15-ft Pole Says Episode’s Blessing in Disguise – TMZ

The Bounce-Back Stripper
Calls 15-Foot Pole Drop
Blessing In Disguise

2/14/2020 9:02 AM PT

Wendy Williams Show

Genea Sky — the stripper who plummeted 15 feet off a pole — says the ordeal is a blessing because it’s forcing her to get out of stripping game.

As we reported, Genea suffered several injuries, and her jaw was still wired shut Friday when she appeared on the ‘Wendy Williams Show.’ She described the fall and the aftermath as “the worst pain I’ve ever felt and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.”

That being said, the 24-year-old said she had been praying for something to force her to quit stripping … so she could focus her attention on going back to beauty school to become an esthetician.

Wendy surprised Genea with a $10k scholarship to help her fulfill that career goal.

When you send a risky text and you get a reply 😭😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/YEbto3cZeu

— J 🌹 (@Mielevague) February 10, 2020

Speaking of financial help … Genea also said the general manager at the Texas strip club where she performed, hit her up and will also be helping out with medical bills.

The cost is gonna be expensive. She detailed her injuries — the visible ones and also the hidden ones … which are pretty gruesome.

As we first told you, Genea said her pole-dancing days are over ’cause the fall really scared the crap out of her. She’s received tons of offers from strip clubs and been asked to appear in music vids ever since she unintentionally went viral, but her answer is still … no dice.

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