‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Nina Dobrev Hospitalized, Julianne Hough Is At Her Bedside – The Blast

Is She Going to Be Ok?

The ‘America’s Got Talent’ star asked, “Who would I be at the Emergency Room with on a Sunday night?! Thank God I went to visit this little sheesh!”

Hough posted several more moments from inside the emergency room, one of Dobrev, but covering her face with a sunglasses filter. Nina is seen in the photo wearing an oxygen mask.

Julianne ended her post with a photo from what the hospital room, with her feet covered by a hospital blanket. The AGT star joked that Nina is “good at sharing.”

On the bed, you can see that Hough brought an assortment of healing crystals to help the process along. How Spencer Pratt of her…

Hough did not mention what was ailing the actress. Nina has not addressed the situation either, and it is unclear if she was released or is still receiving treatment.

We’re guessing it’s not too serious, and she will be ok based on the fun social media postings by Hough.

Not The First Time For These Two…


This isn’t the first time the two celebrities have spent time in the ER together…

In 2015, the “Vampire Diaries” star found herself celebrating Christmas from inside a hospital room after the actress injured herself.

Hough appeared in pictures as Dobrev visited the hospital.

“It’s not a holiday/vacation unless Nina makes a trip to the hospital! Good thing mom is always here to MAKE her go!” Hough, Dobrev’s long-time friend, joked on Instagram.

A picture showed the two actresses with pout lips in front of the Pediatric/Adult Urgent Care unit in front of the hospital.

Similarly, Hough did not reveal what type of injury Dobrev sustained during this holiday trip. Julianne made it seem as if Nina had taken some sort of fall.

#ohnina #loveyou #clutz,” Hough hashtagged her post.

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‘Vampire Diaries’ Injury


In 2011, the actress revealed in a tweet that she suffered a concussion after hitting her head on the set of “The Vampire Diaries.”

At the time, it was reported Nina was taken to a was hospital, where she received treatment and was released the same day.

“Still feelin side effects from the Concussion I got on set… Ouchie. Good thing purple is a good color on me otherwise…” Dobrev tweeted at the time.

The hit television show ‘Vampire Diaries’ just hit its 10-year anniversary on September 9.

“10 years ago today TVD premiered for the first time and it changed our lives forever. Thank you to all the loyal fans over the years. So happy you followed us on that journey and continue to grow with me into the next chapter. So much love and gratitude.” Nina tweeted.

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