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Grounded is out now on Xbox Game Preview; Obsidian to add content based on feedback – TrueAchievements

Grounded, the survival game which pits you against the bugs of your backyard, is out now on Xbox Game Preview. Obsidian has said that player feedback from the Xbox Game Preview release will influence the game’s future content.

In the announcement, Mikey Dowling, director of communications for Obsidian Entertainment, says “we can’t wait for players to step into Grounded’s backyard. In fact, community is so important to us at Obsidian, that we specifically wanted to bring Grounded to Xbox Early Access so we could gather and implement your feedback early in the game development process and ultimately build a better game.” Dowling goes on to say that Obsidian “will be adding content based on feedback from the community for everything from single-player story to new bugs and features,” and that players are encouraged to give feedback on any features or additions you might want to see in the game in future, and to let the devs know what you think after playing it through the Xbox Game Preview programme.

In Grounded, you’ve been shrunk down until you’re about 10mm tall, plonked into a backyard, and tasked with crafting, exploring, building, fighting, following the instructions of the mysterious BURG.L robot, and generally trying to survive long enough to figure out how to get back home. There’s both single-player, with a campaign story, and co-op for up to four players. If you’ve seen the Grounded trailer above, you’ll know there’s some pretty sizeable spiders lurking in that garden, but Obsidian’s prepared for this with an arachnophobia mode which allows you to alter appearance and audio effects.

Grounded won’t have achievements at first, but achievements will be added in at a later date.

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