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iOS 12.2 beta 2 includes four new Animoji: a giraffe, shark, owl, and warthog – 9to5Mac

If you’re a fan of Animoji, the latest iOS beta has a nice surprise in store for you: four additional animated characters. iOS 12.2 developer beta 2 comes with four brand new Animoji to choose from, adding a giraffe, shark, owl, and warthog to the ever-growing list of characters…

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Apple’s Animoji works with all FaceID-enabled iOS devices, including the iPhone X, iPhone XS and XR, and even the latest generation iPad Pro models. These latest updates add to an ever-evolving list of new Animoji characters, which already included twenty characters, not including the customizable Memoji added as a part of iOS 12.

Like previous Animoji, the four new additions come with their own cute characteristics that adapt based on your facial expressions. For instance, an eyebrow raise will cause the giraffe’s brow and ears to perk up, while smiling and showing teeth causes the newly-added shark to reveal a menacing set of incisors.

Here’s a few photos featuring the new Animoji:




With the addition of these four new characters, do you have a new favorite Animoji? Sound off in the comments down below with your thoughts.

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