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Kindle is leading the way among best Amazon Prime Day deals listed today, and it’s hardly a surprise, as the online retail company is known to discount its own products first and foremost.

In fact, there are three Kindle Prime Day 2019 ereaders on sale right now, so there’s one for everyone to buy. The standard Kindle is $59.99 in the US, just £49.99 in the UK and only AU$109 in Australia. 

Always the most popular, the Kindle Paperwhite is $84.99 in the US with a free $5 credit for an ebook, and only £79.99 in the UK. In Australia, the Kindle Paperwhite will set you back just AU$145 for the 8GB version.

The fanciest Kindle is up for pre-order on Amazon in the US – the new Kindle Oasis is $249.99 with a release date of July 24. This means you can get the last-gen Kindle Oasis for $174.99 in the US and on sale for £249.99 in the UK. The original Kindle Oasis is also discounted in Australia, but it’s the most expensive 32GB Wi-Fi + LTE flavour, and it’s down to just AU$399 from AU$529.

Want to know a bit more about the differences between these Kindle deals? Take a look below and we’ll fill you in as we’ve spent hours living with each of them. You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of these and other Prime Day deals. You can sign up for a free trial, which will see you through Prime Day and which you can cancel after a month if you want.

US Prime Day Kindle deals

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Kindle (2019) | £$89.99 $59.99 at Amazon

The cheapest Kindle is now almost as good as the previous-gen Paperwhite and it’s a lot cheaper. And it’s a further $30 less today despite only being released a few months ago. The addition of a lit screen to the cheapest Kindle ereader makes this a serious contender vs the more expensive (but waterproof) Paperwhite.View Deal

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Kindle Paperwhite | $129.99 $84.99 at Amazon

The Paperwhite’s waterproof body, brighter screen and crisp resolution make it one of our favorite ereaders out there, especially given its reasonable price. So the $45 discount today makes it one of the best Prime Day deals around. A waterproof Kindle is ideal for reading poolside, in the bath or for protection against those sneaky drinks that leak in your bag.

View Deal

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Kindle Oasis (2017) | $249.99 $174.99 at Amazon

An Oasis for under $175 is the rarest of sights as the retailer never really seems to discount the luxury ereader in the States. It’s kinda the Holy Grail of Kindles with its slim, lightweight design with a metal body, waterproof chassis and a clearer and brighter screen than the cheaper models. Even at this price though it’s still very expensive.

View Deal

UK Prime Day Kindle deals

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Kindle (2019) | £69.99 £49.99 at Amazon

For years, we’ve generally been saying skip the cheapest Kindle and get a Paperwhite. But Amazon has finally added a light to the screen on its cheapest Kindle too making it an absolute steal, even at full price. And given this new version was only released a few months ago, this is one of the best Prime Day offers we’ve seen.View Deal

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Kindle Paperwhite | £119.99 £79.99 at Amazon

The Paperwhite has a brighter screen, with a higher resolution than the cheaper model (which still looks great to be honest). The Paperwhite still generally gets our vote though thanks to the flush screen design and waterproof body. That’s great for reading poolside, in the bath and protecting against spillages at home or in you day bag. It’s a good £20 less than the usual discounted price too.

View Deal

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Kindle Oasis with free 3G (2017) | £319.99 £289.99 at Amazon

This particular version of the Oasis comes with free 3G online access, with no SIM or contract required. This means you don’t need to be signed into Wi-Fi to download ebooks and audiobooks or access other online features like word lookups on Wikipedia. Handy, but you are paying a heck of lot more than the non-3G version for the privilege even with today’s Prime Day deal.View Deal

Australia Prime Day Kindle deals

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite | from $145 (was from $199; save up to $80)

If you love to read, then save yourself the effort of having to carry a book or two (or three) wherever you go. Just get one of the most popular ereaders for less from Amazon this Prime Day and carry your entire library with you. The 8GB Kindle Paperwhite is now down to $145, saving you $54. 

However, if you think 8GB isn’t enough storage, grab the 32GB Wi-Fi version for just $189 (less than the actual RRP of the 8GB Paperwhite) and save $60. The 32GB LTE version, though, comes with an $80 saving – down to $289.View Deal

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Amazon Kindle | $109 (was $139; save $30)

The latest iteration of the affordable Kindle is better than before with an adjustable reading light and a 167ppi glare-free screen for easy reading in sunlight. And it’s down by $30 for Prime Day, giving avid readers a chance to enjoy their favourite books without having to carry physical copies around.View Deal

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Amazon Kindle Oasis (Gen 1 / 32GB LTE) | $399 (was $529; save $130)

This isn’t the latest version of the Oasis, that hasn’t been launched in Australia yet. But if you want the best reading experience money can buy, then this is the ultimate ereader, perfect for one-handed reading. While the 8GB and 32GB Wi-Fi versions aren’t available, you can grab the LTE option now for the lowest price it’s ever been, saving you a sweet $130 on the deal.View Deal

Fancy getting a load of free ebooks to get you going with your new Kindle? Then check out this offer for three months free of Kindle Unlimited.

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