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Play Store developers can now tag apps with keywords to help discovery – Android Police

Publishers want their apps to be found. People want to search for apps. The Play Store has ways of letting the two meet through various promotions, sectioning, categories, and, now, tags: developers are now able to describe their apps with up to five words or phrases.

9to5Google reports that the ability to add tags debuted on the Play Console about a week ago, which Google says will help the Play Store determine where to place the app and how to compare other apps to it.

Image: 9to5Google

Users can choose up to 5 out of a predetermined list of 150 tags to apply. Suggested tags are available at the top of the tags section. Developers are advised to only change tags if they “make significant changes to the content or functionality” of their app.

Google wants app makers to get a little pedantic when tagging their apps:

For example, a multiplayer racing game with vintage cars might have the tags “Racing,” and “Car racing,” because they reflect what the game involves. This game should not have tags like “Stunt driving” (the fact that you could do stunts does not make it a stunt driving game) or tags for related game genres that might attract similar players (such as “Motorcycle racing” or “Truck racing”).

Tags are available by bringing up an app in the Console, then, from the left-side menu, selecting Store presence > Store listing > Categorization > Manage tags.

We don’t know if browsers perusing the Play Store will be able to directly interact with these tags in the future.

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