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Razer has a ridiculous countdown timer for its 60-percent keyboard announcement –

Razer has a ridiculous countdown timer for its 6src-percent keyboard announcement (Source: Razer)
Razer has a ridiculous countdown timer for its 60-percent keyboard announcement (Source: Razer)

Razer is set to launch its first keyboard without any NumPad or arrow keys on July 14 at 8 AM PST. Gamers who may have been turned off by Razer’s catalog of full-size keyboards may finally get what they’re looking for.

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You can always count on Razer to hype up any product announcement no matter how trivial it may be. Whereas other companies like Lenovo or HP would have probably just announced the product via press release and then call it a day, Razer is putting up an entire page and countdown dedicated to its first 60-percent keyboard announcement. It might be a little much, but Razer knows its dedicated fan base best.

For those unfamiliar, a 60-percent keyboard contrasts the usual 100-percent keyboard by excluding the NumPad and arrow keys for a smaller and more compact form factor. Gamers who seldom use these keys would suddenly have more free space on their desks as a result. We suspect that the keyboard will carry per-key RGB Chroma lighting and mechanical keys not unlike most other Razer accessories.

The countdown will end on July 14 at 8 AM PST which is when we’ll presumably get our first look at the new Razer keyboard. We’ll update this page when the time comes.

Allen Ngo, 2020-07-12 (Update: 2020-07-12)

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