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Resident Evil PS5 Rumours Just Won’t Go Away – Push Square

A big departure, allegedly

Resident Evil PS5 PlayStation 5 Rumours 1

Capcom is keeping itself busy as the PlayStation 5 nears release. Rumours are flying regarding an all-new instalment which is currently in development, although the source is ResetEra poster Dusk Golem writing on his Twitter account. Given that the so-called insider has several proclamations flying around right now – including Sony’s purported production of a Silent Hill title – we’d recommend you exercise caution until some of these are proven true.

Nevertheless, he claims that a new Resident Evil title has been in development since 2016, and it’s currently targeting a 2021 release. Apparently, this is the “biggest departure the series has ever taken”, which is bold considering Resident Evil VII: Biohazard shifted the entire perspective of the series to first-person. We’ve seen some speculation alluding to witches and vampires as opposed to zombies, which would be a change.

Despite the warnings, Dusk Golem reckons that the game’s internal testing has been going well, and that it’s a “high quality” game. It’ll allegedly be announced “really soon”, although obviously coronavirus could have an impact on the publisher’s plans. Make of all this what you will, we suppose – and in the meantime, check out our Resident Evil 3 PS4 review.


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