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    Kyle Orland

  • The Stadia controller looks a lot like every controller these days.

  • Keep digging and find a plug for your controller.

  • Dig one more level and there’s the Chromecast Ultra.

  • Stickers!

  • A special message for early adopters.

  • For testing with a Pixel phone, Google sent us this custom-made Stadia controller grip that they’re calling “the claw.” It doesn’t come in the pre-order package but will be sold on the GStore soon.

    Kyle Orland

  • Unlike most phone grips, the claw places the phone directly above the controller and closer to the face.

  • Side claw.

  • Nude claw.

Since back in June, Google has been telling us that the publisher-set prices for games on its Stadia streaming service would be “competitive… to what you would see on other platforms.” While that’s been true of the vast majority of games on the service, fans were surprised to find a Stadia price premium for yesterday’s launch of Darksiders Genesis.

The new action-adventure title is currently on sale for $40 on Stadia, compared to a $30 price on other PC platforms (including Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store). Steam players could get an even better deal with a pre-order price of $25.50 for the game. Console versions, which aren’t due until next February, are currently listed at the higher $40 price point on various digital and retail storefronts.

A spokesperson for THQ told Polygon that “THQ doesn’t comment on their price policy.”

While most titles sell for the same price on Stadia and other platforms, there are a few others that currently see a streaming price premium. Just Dance 2020 goes for $50 on the service, compared to $40 on modern consoles (the Wii version has already been reduced to $30 at many retailers). Grid is currently available for $27 as part of a Steam “supersale,” down from the $60 standard price on Stadia (the “Ultimate Edition” of the game is $5 cheaper on Steam even without discounts). And the Platinum Edition of Farming Simulator 19 sold for $40 on Stadia, compared to a $25 to $35 Steam price, before Google added the game to December’s Stadia Pro freebies (and offered refunds to early purchasers).

But there are deals to be had on Stadia, too. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration sells for just $30 on the streaming service compared to $60 currently on Steam. Games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Mortal Kombat 11, and Final Fantasy XV were briefly offered at steep discounts for Stadia Pro subscribers when the service launched (those discounts are inactive as of this writing, though. A Google spokesperson said there’s no set length for how long further “frequent” Stadia Pro deals will last going forward). And a $10/month Stadia Pro subscription (which is still the only way to access the service) also provides access to up to four free titles on Stadia.

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